fundraising information

-Our program allows your group to generate $7.45 per pound sold!

-Our bags come in 16 ounces, (1 pound) bags when most others come in 10-12 oz sizes.

-We create a beautiful custom label and sales information from high-resolution images provided by your group.

-Download and print order forms, flyers and door hangers designed for your organization.

-Sales can be accomplished by the traditional door to door visits or by directing your supporters to a special section of our website dedicated to your fundraiser. 

-With our online purchasing option, we greatly reduce the hassles of handling cash and checks.

-Supporters can choose from Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and Decaf in either ground or whole bean for a total of six products.

--When your sale is complete you will send us the Master Order Form.  We will add the website purchases to your order, roast, deliver and ship your coffee within two to three days.

-Online purchases from out of your area will be shipped via priority mail which will be delivered anywhere in the country from one to three days.  The purchaser will select this option at checkout and be billed directly.  (Your profit is $4/lb for these orders)

-At the end of the sale, we will provide a full accounting of your sales and profits.


Downloads and contact information

Considering 64% of Americans drink coffee every day, selling coffee is a great fundraiser! For many years now, we have helped groups large and small raise money for good causes.   Our fundraising prices are lower than wholesale and we make it very simple from start to finish.  Customized packaging and promotional material add appeal to your product and instill pride to your sales team. We have worked with civic groups, sports teams, school clubs, scouts, youth groups and others to help them raise money.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your group.