Welcome to Landgrove Coffee, a coffee roastery in Troy, Idaho, founded in 1998 by us, Hannah and Jon Binninger. Since 1998 we have roasted millions of  pounds of great coffee. Our business has grown steadily thanks only to our customers for advertisement. We’ve been too busy roasting coffee and raising our children Flora and Clem to do any selling or self-promotion. We are proud of the fact that our coffee and personal service have been the keys to our success. 

shared passion and dedication

In 2013, Landgrove Coffee was lucky to hire Chris Malberg as our first full-time employee and in 2019, Heath DeCausemaker as our second.

Chris is a dedicated professional with great attention to detail and a wide variety of skills and Heath brings many years of coffee experience and customer service to the Landgrove team.

They also share a dedication to good coffee.

direct trade

At Landgrove Coffee, direct trade means having a personal relationship with a producer and paying them fairly for their product. High quality coffee is the result of an incredible amount of hard physical work. As with countless other products we consume in this country, coffee is extremely cheap relative to the effort required to produce it. By supporting Direct Trade and Fair Trade concepts, we can greatly improve the future for coffee producing communities.


Our success is based on supporting and ensuring the success of our wholesale customers. Many of our customers are like family (some even are family) and keeping them happy and successful is always our number one priority. Our successful relationships with our wholesale customers are verified by our nearly perfect record of retaining them for the past 20 years. In other words, we focus much more on our existing customers than trying to find new ones, which ironically has lead to steady and healthy growth.


Considering 64% of Americans drink coffee every day, selling coffee is a great fundraiser! For many years now, we have helped groups large and small raise money for good causes.   Our fundraising prices are lower than wholesale and we make it very simple from start to finish.  Customized packaging and promotional material add appeal to your product and instill pride to your sales team. We have worked with civic groups, sports teams, school clubs, scouts, youth groups and others to help them raise money.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your group.


“As a parent of five, small business owner, and school board member I am constantly asked to participate in fundraising.  Selling Landgrove coffee is a great way to make extra money for school activities!  Super easy and great coffee.”

~Ryan Beckner, Moscow, Idaho

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